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Play group is a time for parents or caregivers to bring their children to ‘The Cocoon Room’ at Apple Blossom Preschool to engage with traditional Waldorf-style play items. The rhythm of the time includes songs, adult hand-work and Observation of the child and a healthy and filling snack.

‘The Cocoon Room’ space limits our attendance to 4-6 children, so please reach out if you are interested in attending.

Come to our play group!

Parents, caregivers and adults with children under 3 years are welcome bring their children for company and supportive conversation. While the children play, the Apple Blossom director will guide parents through activities and topical discussions related to the daily ups-and-downs of parenting, as well as share information on our philosophy of care. Caregivers may opt to bring their own childcare questions for the group, or choose to listen as teachers answer other attendee' questions.

At our sessions, caregivers and children alike are given the opportunity to socialize in a supportive, friendly environment. During the hour-and-a-half program, parents will experience firsthand by participating in some of the daily activities common to the program. Most importantly, though, parents will learn how to be mindful of their child's development by observing them in play. 

Too often, caregivers feel as though they need to provide their children with a toy or activity and become anxious when their child plays independently. However, infants and toddlers develop their sensory and motor skills through supervised exploration, and don’t need continual parental programming to thrive! During a play group, parents are able to engage in a constructive activity (knitting, crafting, cooking, etc.)  and disengage from the role of worried “entertainer.” Instead, parents learn how to be engaged, active, and caring observers for their children while participating in a supportive group discussion.

Apple Blossom's  understands the importance of supporting parents through their child’s early years - and at our center, play groups serve as the foundation for building community where all parents are welcome to participate in friendly conversation, thoughtful discussions, and engaging activities.

These play group sessions are independent of Apple Blossom Preschool and are held on the second floor of 136 County Road, Barrington, R.I. The playgroup space has its own entrance/egress from the building, which can be found via the stairwell on the right side of the building.

play group prices

First Visit: $20*

10 Play Group Bundle: $160*

*Snacks and parent crafts are included in these fees

Passes can be used for any session, but attendance must be confirmed with the director the Sunday before the scheduled meeting.

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