Lil' Roots Spring/Summer Newsletter

Dear Lil’ Roots Friends and Families,

We are so happy the sunshine is here to bless our little school! The trees are
blossoming and the flowers are blooming! The children have loved making new
friends and learning to play with one another! As the days get longer and the
sunshine warmer, we find ourselves opening up and breathing outward. Fresh
organic vegetables and fruits prepared by Chef Ayo, gardening, and interactive
circle times provide many wonderful sensory and relationship building
opportunities together.
One of the Nursery Rhymes we will enjoy is:
‘Caterpillar and the Mouse.’ This slow and quick tempo song helps children with
their breathing and brings surprise and joy to the game!
“Caterpillar and the Mouse”

Slowly, slowly, very slowly, creeps the caterpillar,
Slowly, slowly, very slowly, Up the wooden pillar,
Quickly, quickly, very quickly, Runs the little mouse,
Quickly, quickly, very quickly, Round about the house!

Taking the time to be outside in nature allows the children to breathe fresh air,
allowing for more peaceful rest. It also allows them to gain many wonderful
sensory experiences playing with sand, mud, soil, grass, flowers, and moss.
We look forward to welcoming summer with our June Festival on June 23rd from
10am to 12pm! We look forward to spending the morning with you and your
families, sharing food, crafting, mingling, and listening to live music! We hope to
see you there!

Ms. Niya and Ms. Caroline